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List and prices
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Newsletter Number 1
May 2007


In the early 1990s The Norfolk Group produced four newsletters that were well received and are still mentioned as useful sources of information. 'The One True Scale' is an attempt to do something similar but use email to keep the cost down. I hope that the newsletter can act as an independent way of passing on information and is not intended to publicise some models above others. Your contributions are the best way to make this happen so please send us information and written pieces.
Our website has two purposes. One is to sit in cyberspace and pick up anyone searching for information on 1/200. The other is to store photos. Emailing photographs can be a problem so readers can visit the site to see them.
Let us try to cover what has happened in the scale during the last twenty years. Unfortunately ill health is a frequent factor which is a reflection on which generation 1/200 modellers come from.
Leighton Fletcher, who makes the Aeroclub models, was very ill for a while. Happily, he is now much better but cannot make any more masters. He will make castings while the moulds survive and can be contacted on
Ron Crawford's incredible range of resin models is now approaching 900. Ron's team also had health problems that slowed output and Ron is investigating China as a source of skilled workers. Ron is at at the moment but this will change soon. Ron is using this newsletter to send his own HBM newsletter and it is included below.
X-models and VK do not seem to have produced further models. I have also not seen many new models from Peter Krtina. Brian Keates has contracted to release his models through one of the big suppliers at Heathrow and they not available elsewhere. This is a pity as Brian accumulated a large number of masters of interesting aircraft that are no longer available.
A fairly recent range of 1/200 modern fighters have come from Richard Bizley under the Eclipse label. These are of the highest standard and used to be available only through a large Heathrow dealer. They are now only available via this newsletter. See the list later and photos on the website. Richard has a very interesting website with a range of space-related items and paintings.
Sadly, many of the European resin makers appear to have stopped production. There are, however, a growing number of 1/200 models from manufacturers in China, including some excellent and reasonably priced examples from Herpa. Do watch the scale, however as they tend to make to a box size. There is one series of very attractive modern fighters, beautifully finished but closer to 1/250 than the stated 1/200.
The Norfolk Group came to a halt because the Newsletter cost us over £200 for each edition and we had to stop to get some returns. There are still some Norfolk Group models available. The Sunderland, Marauder, Cub and Super Cub, Solent, Mitchell B/C and J are all available. Contact me on if interested. We also produced a DC3/C47 but sold very few because we were not happy with the undercarriage. It is available as the float version and glider version and the ordinary version is open to deals. Anyone doing a large diorama and wanting a lot of model C47s at reasonable price should contact me.
Norfolk Group members have produced their own models while the NG recovered financially. Derek Barratt brought out his 'Speed in the Air' series with such models as the GeeBee Supersportster, Supermarine S6B, Macchi 72 and others. He then produced an impressive series of larger modern US aircraft for another outlet. Contact Derek on
Wojtek Benzinski is producing WamBoozi models (don't ask) which include some beautifully made Austers, Beavers, Norseman and others in various versions. Contact Wojtek on
I retired last summer and for the last couple of years have been having masters made for a range of models. When my wife contemplated bringing all my models and associated books from the flat that went with my job to our house she immediately suggested a large shed at the end of the garden. Hence my range are 'Shed Models'. I know that I will be asked if I can do a 10x8 with a door and two windows - but hey! - if there is a demand …
I was hoping to have the first ready but some unexpected hospital trips slowed the process. I have the castings for the first models and am working on the decals so they should be available soon. The list is …
Aircraft masters completed
Fairey Long Range Monoplane
Bristol 138a
DH 9a
DH 16
Westland Walrus
Westland Wapiti wheels and floats
Westland Wallace
Beech 18 wheels, floats and skis
Beech Kansan
Avro Rota
Short Seamew
Short SC1
Shorts SB4 Sherpa
English Electric P1A
Scottish Aviation Pioneer
Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer
Vickers Vildebeest
Vickers Vincent
Boulton Paul Sidestrand
Boulton Paul Overstrand
Bristol Sycamore
Bristol Belvedere
Westland Whirlwind wheels and floats (two versions)
Westland Wessex (three versions)
Supermarine Spiteful
Fairey Albacore
GA Jindivik and Pika
Avro 504K
Curtiss Jenny
Bristol F2B
Hunting 126
Saunders Roe SR53
Avro Bison II
Blackburn Blackburn
DH 60 Gypsy Moth
Shorts Sturgeon
Fairey IIIF, Seal, Gordon wheels and floats
Vickers 0/400
Vickers Valentia
Vickers Victoria
Saunders Roe SR 177
The first six to be available are the Short SC1, Short SB4 Sherpa, English Electric P1A, Hunting 126, Saunders Roe SR53 and one of the helicopters.
Finally in the update section, the big news …
Dennis Knight of Helmet has decided to dispose of his whole collection of model aircraft. Hundreds of them, painted and unpainted. They will be available only through this newsletter. A rare opportunity to fill a gap in your collection or a last chance to obtain a Helmet model. Derek and I are handling this for Dennis and will be listing models in the Newsletter over the next year or so. Please do not write and ask if a particular model is available as there are so many we cannot search. All models will eventually be listed in the newsletter. There are a few very rare models and we may use eBay to get the best price for Dennis but the newsletter will tell you what is going to happen. Most models will be priced to sell and listed in the newsletter. The Helmet masters and rights to production are also available through us. Some photos should be on the website soon.
I am sure that the above is incomplete and full of inaccuracies. To correct or add anything to it, please contact me. Best of all, write a piece for inclusion.
On a more sober note, we are a community that has a higher than average number of bus passes between us and there comes a time when a collection has to be disposed off. Too often, the value of a collection is not appreciated and models gathered lovingly over years are lost. As some of you know, Derek recently sold a collection for a collector's widow of 120 models and raised nearly £3,000 for her. It must be said that they were mostly larger models and all painted to an exceptionally high standard so don't get unrealistic, but it does show what can be done. It is hard work and took Derek three weeks of admin and we expect Dennis's collection to take us a couple of years but if you are willing to help in this way, let us know and we will put people in touch with you. Also make the family aware of what to do. Contact us in the first instance.
On a happier note, we would like to provide opportunities for people to meet in the way that the much missed Plane News get-togethers used to. I took my wife to one of them and she was greatly amused by my fellow collectors. One French collector put his arm round her and said (and this must be said with a Maurice Chevalier accent) "Never mind my dear. It could have been wine. It could have been women"). I quote this to her often.
There are very good swapmeets near Gatwick, Luton, Heathrow and Coventry and we intend to book a One True Scale Table from time to time. Please bring models to sell (contribute to the table cost if you do) or just come and have a chat. You are not quite as alone as you may feel. This newsletter goes to 200 people by email and more by post. It would be good to have collectors from the continent joining us and cheap fares make it possible. If you want to organise something similar elsewhere, let us know.
There now follow lists that I hope you will find interesting and tempting. Please feed-back responses, ideas, written pieces, information. How interesting this newsletter is, is up to you. The next edition will be in two or three months with lots more models.
If you have a website, can we link with you? The more links a site has, the higher Google and other search engines place it, so it helps us both.
Finally, even before the first edition was sent out, several people have been referring to this newsletter as TOTS. Near miss there then (but I bet we would have had a lot more readers)!
Thanks for your encouragement so far
Chris Sayer

Notes from the New World
by Ron Crawford

Where is the HBM 1/200 Newsletter?
The short answer is, "you're reading it"! I have found myself with less and less hobby time over the past few years. Some of that is admittedly because I am not moving at my previous pace. While some attribute that to my advanced youth, I prefer to think of it as approaching tasks in a more relaxed, considered manner. The HBM 1:200 Newsletter was particularly affected. We recently averaged only an issue or two per year, the only saving grace being that no-one else was doing better.
In 2005 I met with Chris Sayer, Wojtek Benzinski, Derek Barratt, and Dennis Knight. Each voiced very similar sentiments. The models and their place in history need to be documented in an archive accessible to us and to future collectors. The 1/200 hobby really needs a source of information and communications. People who make models and accessories need ways of reaching collectors. Collectors need ways of getting to know one another and exchanging our extras for new treasures. At the end of the game our hopefully grieving heirs need ways of ensuring good homes for our collections. We jointly agreed to pool our efforts, and try to insure that one worthwhile newsletter continues. Chris agreed to take on the editor-publisher role and this is the first issue.
A plea in closing. Like the well-known range of lingerie, this organ has no visible means of support. To make it useful Chris will depend very heavily upon the information you send to him. If you can compile a dossier or article about a historic range, send it to Chris. If you have some current news or a tidbit about models that will be coming out soon, please send that along. If you are looking for something, have something to sell or something to swap, crank up your word-processor and tell Chris about it. You will reach the most active core people in the hobby. And since we are all likely to end up someday as organ donors, why not start now?
What news from HBM?
Our most recent HBM 1/200 model releases went to subscribers late in 2006. The centerpiece was a set representing the Scaled Composites fleet with which Burt Rutan and his colleagues won the Ansari X-Prize. Those included the SpaceShipOne itself, the carrier aircraft White Knight, and the Raytheon-Beech Starship and Breguet-Dornier Alpha Jet chase planes. We also released the Boeing Bird of Prey stealth demonstration aircraft, the WWII French LeO H-43 floatplane and the Czech Aero 100 biplane.
We are doing our best to keep up with requests for recasted models. The latest are batches of the Hurricane II, Sunderland, Lancaster III, Beaufighter I, Spitfire Mk.XVI, and Boulton-Paul Defiant.
In casting at the moment are the X-11 and X-12 research rockets, the Savoia SM.84, and the Tomahawk cruise missile.
In preparation are master models for the Ares I and Ares V launch vehicles that will replace the Rockwell Space Shuttle, close to 10 more X-planes, the Westland Whirlwind, Focke Wulf 189, Consolidated Commodore, FB-23, and the remaining French aircraft on our WWII list. I just picked up a couple of wood kits that will make perfect plugs for WWII US fleet submarines, so consider those on the way as well.
Other 1/200 news from the colonies
Noble-Perrin Miniatures began a nice line of 1/200 aircraft aimed at wargamers. Those remain available and are quite nice. One of the chaps who mastered models for that range is looking at making another series. I will keep you posted. My reading is that there are real schisms within the wargaming world, with only a tiny minority of producers actually scaling (like Skytrex) at 1/200. The more typical wargames producer describes models in terms of the height of the human figures used.. The scales closest to 1/200 are 10mm and 6mm. 1/200 scale approximates 8 mm. However, there are huge differences between ranges in actual or measured scales, as well as in quality .
The airliner hobby is unquestionably the largest single pool of people building and collecting in 1/200 scale. The North American component is mainly involved with building from plastic, resin, and vacuform kits. Your best bet for accessing that is the airline model bulletin boards. In addition there is what appear to be a very large number of people who collect built-up models, mainly sourced from China. Those are serviced by about a dozen on-line and mail order firms. I am especially pleased that regional airliners are finally appearing in that selection. The unending flood of Boeings and Airbuses was getting a bit too much. Having said that, I must also note that among the most interesting new airline models are the new generation Boeing Dreamliners (737-800,737-900,787,747-8, and so on), all available at very reasonable prices from Boeing's on-line shop. Also recently admired are the Airbus tankers and A400M tactical transport.
The 1/200 shell kit news is very limited. The Revell Boeing SST kit has been reissued and the Lindberg Space Shuttle is out in different packaging. The kit industry is easy to track on web sites like Hannants, Hobbylink Japan, and Squadron Shop. The industry is clearly moving toward 1/144 as its small scale standard.
Some of the best items out at present are coming from directions like model railroading. If I understand correctly Z-scale has finally attracted some popular priced ranges and North American subjects, resulting in some very fine models of autos, trucks, and other accessories.
Ron Crawford


These models are part of the collection assembled over the last 45 years by Dennis Knight, founder and proprietor of Helmet Models. The entire collection runs to over 500 items and will be sold in successive batches, starting with the models listed below. Further items will be listed approximately every two months.
The models are all finished and painted. They are Dennis's own reference and display models, and comprise samples of almost every model he has produced in the Helmet range, along with a small number of items by other makers.
Rather than working type-by-type through the inventory, we are including various types, of different periods and nationalities, in each list. In this way, by offering a wide variety we hope that everyone may find something of interest!
Please note:
Some models are complete with undercarriages and, where appropriate, propellers.
Others in "flying pose" are devoid of undercarriages or propellers. These are denoted by "FP" in the list.
"NP" denotes with undercarriage but without propeller. It may be possible to supply undercarriages and propellers for buyers themselves to fit - please enquire if necessary.
Please advise your requests by e-mail to or by letter to …
Derek Barratt,
230 Earlham Road,
NR2 3RH,
The prices shown are in Pounds Sterling (approximately $2.00 = £1.00, sorry!)
Will be extra. Both UK Inland and airmail rates went up in April. I don't understand how on the one hand, Ryanair can propose £8 passenger fares London to New York, whilst on the other hand the Post Office charges me £12 to send a small packet to the same destination. But there we are. I will advise postage when responding to orders and expect most additions to be along the lines of: UK £3, Europe £5, USA £8 - all per order, not per model. Extra-heavy models will cost more send.
Please pay by personal cheque drawn on a UK bank or via Paypal. Cash is also acceptable (USD, GBP or Euros) if you consider it safe to send.
Please do not send money with orders - please wait for our confirmation of order and total cost including share of postage.



• DH2 … RFC Khaki … £18
• Sopwith Snipe … RFC Khaki … £17
• SPAD S7 … RFC four-colour camouflage … £18
• Albatros D1 … Three-colour camouflage … £18
• Albatros DV … Multicolour lozenge finish … £21
• Albatros DV … Multicolour/green & red tail … £21
• Albatros CIII … Creamy-grey, with pilot & observer … £23
• Fokker Eindecker … Pale grey … £17
• Fokker DVII … Dark blue/white/red with underwing lozenge finish … £21
• Fokker DVII … Green/grey/red lozenge finish … £21
• Fokker Triplane … Black … £17

• Bristol Bombay … Silver, HBM resin, NP … £25
• Bristol Bombay … RAF 1939 camouflage, HBM resin, NP … £30
• Gloster Gamecock … Silver, No.3 Squadron, Green bar … £18
• Gloster Gamecock … Silver, No.23 Squadron, Blue & red marks … £18
• Gloster Gladiator … Silver, No.3 Squadron, Green decoration … £18
• Hawker Fury … Silver, No.1 Squadron, Red rectangle … £18
• Sopwith Snipe … Plain silver, 1920 finish … £15
• Fairey Hendon … Nivo (green), with gunners, HBM resin … £35
• H.P. Harrow … Bomber camouflage scheme, interesting contemporaneous balsa wood model of the time by R.Hamilton, c.1937, well made and nicely finished - a museum piece! … £30
• Supermarine Type 224 Prototype … silver, (Aircast casting) … £16
• Boeing P.26 Peashooter … Yellow with multicolour fuselage … £16
• Boeing Stearman Kaydet … USN yellow/red … £18

• Heinkel He111 … Pre-war pale grey, with gunner, HBM resin with u/c but NP … £35
• D.H. Dragon … King's Flight colours, silver/red/blue … £24
• D.H. Tiger Moth … Silver VR-SCU … £10
• Junkers K30 Trimotor … Silver S-AABF, based on resin model produced by Horst Glasow (Germany) … £30


• Blackburn Skua … FAA camouflage … £18
• Bristol Beaufighter … RAF camouflage, FP … £10
• D.H. Mosquito … RAF day bomber camouflage, resin, FP … £6
• D.H. Mosquito … Another, the same, resin, FP … £6
• D.H. Mosquito … RAF PR blue, with u/c but NP … £12
• Gloster-Whittle E28/39 Jet … RAF camouflage, second prototype with finlets on tailplane … £18
• Hawker Hurricane I … RAF 1940 camouflage, FP … £5
• Hawker Hurricane Iic … RAF grey/green camouflage, FP … £5
• Short Sunderland … RAF camouflage/white, HBM resin NP … £30
• Supermarine Spitfire II … RAF 1940 camouflage (Aerocrafts casting) … £15
• Supermarine Spitfire V … RAF grey/green camouflage (Aerocrafts) … £15
• Supermarine Spitfire IX … RAF grey/green, sky fuselage band … £15
• Boeing B-17 … USAAF silver "Square G" HBM resin … £35
• Boeing B-17 … USAAF olive "Triangle K" HBM resin … £35
• Boeing B-17 … USAAF olive "Triangle C" metal (Skytrex?) … £35
• Curtiss P-40 … USAAF olive Flying Tigers, with u/c but NP … £8
• NA P-51B Mustang … USAAF olive, FP … £5
• NA P-51D Mustang … USAAF silver, with u/c but NP … £8
• Republic P-47 Thunderbolt … USAAF olive, FP … £5

• Dornier Do24T Flying boat … RLM Grun/dunkelgrun/helblau, based on resin model by Horst Glasow, NP … £22
• Dornier Do217K … Grey/green mottled finish, HBM resin with u/c & props … £ 35
• Focke-Wulf Fw200 Condor … RLM colours as Do24 above, HBM resin, with u/c & props, guns, bombs, nice … £55
• Junkers Ju52 … RLM Grun/helblau, HBM resin, NP, could do with underside repaint due to insect discoloration (upper side ok) … £12
• Junkers Ju322 "Mammut" … in case you didn't know, the RLM contracted Junkers, foremost all-metal constructors, to build a fleet of these all-wooden giant 203' span gliders at the same time as Messerschmitt were doing the same with the ME321. After the first fraught test flights the entire Ju322 contract was cancelled and the - wait for it - one hundred more or less completed airframes were then sawn up into small logs for locomotive fuel. HBM resin … £30
• Junkers Ju387 forward-swept jet bomber … HBM resin with u/c … £28

Postwar to date

• Avro Vulcan B2 … RAF white, current CAM production … £75
• Blackburn Buccaneer … RN grey, FP … £8
• Boeing B-29 "Washington" … RAF silver, HBM resin with u/c & props … £55
• DH Chipmunk … RAF grey/white/red, NP … £8
• DH Sea Venom … FAA grey/sky, FP … £8
• Fairey Firefly … FAA grey/sky, FP … £8
• HP Hastings … RAF silver, based on Bill Miles resin original (Australia), with u/c & props, rather crude effort, curiosity … £10
• Hawker Hunter T7 … RAF silver/yellow bands, Armitage casting … £18
• HP Jet Provost … RAF grey/white/red, FP … £7
• MD F-4 Phantom … RAF grey, low-viz markings … £18

• Boeing B-29 … USAF silver, HBM resin with u/c & props … £55
• Boeing KC-29 Tanker … USAF silver, Horst Glasow resin, FP, slightly crude, basis for improvement? … £10
• Convair B-58 … USAF silver, based on original Armitage casting (pre-current MetalModels version) … £20
• Lockheed F-94 Starfire … USAF silver/red, resin, FP … £8
• Lockheed U-2 … USAF black, resin with u/c … £18
• MD F2H-2 Banshee … USN midnight blue, resin with u/s, nice …£15
• MD Panther … USN midnight blue, Aerocrafts casting, FP … £8
• MD Cougar … USN midnight blue, HBM resin, FP … £8
• MD F-4 Phantom … USN grey, FP … £8
• MD F-4 Phantom … USAF grey, low-viz markings … £18
• Shorts 330 … USAF camouflage, metal with u/c but NP … £26
• Project Aurora … - or how to get the CIA on your doorstep (joke, no really). USAF black, HBM resin, FP … £25
Lastly, to conclude this first listing, there are three boxed Western Models. The box ends have faded in the sunlight but the contents are mint, untouched. The transfers (decals) have slightly yellowed, as Western's always do, but the models remain very attractive items:
• DC-7C BOAC … £20
• DC-7C Pan-Am (in KLM box) roof aerial missing … £15
• Lockheed L-1049G Constellation Eastern … £30
There are hundreds more models to follow - including French, Italian and Japanese WW2 types on the next list.

Unpainted models for sale

In addition to Dennis' huge collection of painted models he has an even larger collection of unpainted models. These are resin or metal and come from most other producers. There are also unpainted Helmet castings but they will be dealt with later. The largest number are resins from HBM, VK and others and do not include propellers or undercarriages if retractable. We are offering them at about the same price as they were when sold originally. This means you are getting an opportunity to buy models that are no longer available at yesterday's prices.
To order, email or write to …
Chris Sayer,
8 The Green,
Little Ellingham,
Norfolk NR17 1LT,
Prices are in £ Sterling
To order, quote the order number at the end of each entry

Please do not send payment with order. I will advise you what is available and cost of P+P. Expect £1 - £1.50 in UK and £3 elsewhere for one model. Large orders (i.e. several models) will be charged by the parcel, not the model and so will be much cheaper.
We can only accept payment by Paypal, personal cheque on a UK bank or cash (£ sterling, $US, euros) sent at your risk.
When ordering please say how you will pay. We can send an invoice through Paypal for you to respond to.
The first collection are Japanese WWII models and mostly resin without props or undercarriage. These represent much less than a tenth of the collection.
Future releases will be by nationality because that is the way the collection is being categorized. Please do not write asking if we have got such and such a model. Checking and finding would take too long. If it is there it will eventually appear in a list.

Unpainted resin and Metal ID models

• Aichi B7A "Grace" by HBM, £4, order no.26
• Aichi D3A "Val" by HBM, £3, order no.45
• Aichi E13A1 "Jake" by HBM, £3, order no.75
• Aichi E16A "Paul" by HBM, £3 order no.59
• Aichi M6A1 "Seiran" by HBM, £3 order no.55
• Nakajima B6N "Jill" by HBM, £3, order no.33
• Kawanishi E15K "Norm" " by HBM, £3, order no.36
• Kawanishi E7K "Alf" by HBM, £4, order no.64
• Kawanishi H6K "Mavis" by HBM, £7, order no.6
• Kawanishi H8K "Emily" by HBM, £8, order no.7
• Kawanishi N1K1 "Rex" by HBM, £3, order no.17
• Kawanishi N1K1-J "George 11" by HBM, £3, order no.23
• Kawanishi N1K2 "George 21" by HBM, £3, order no.19
• Kawasaki Ki 100 1A in metal by HBM, £3, order no.51
• Kawasaki Ki 100 1A in resin by HBM, £3, order no.67
• Kawasaki Ki 100 1B in metal by HBM, £3, order no.52
• Kawasaki Ki 102 "Randy" by HBM, £3, order no.60
• Kawasaki Ki 108 "Kai" by HBM, £3, order no.49
• Kawasaki Ki 45 "Nick" by HBM, £4, order no.38
• Kawasaki Ki 48 "Lily" by HBM, £4, order no.43
• Kawasaki Ki 56 "Thalia" by HBM, £5, order no.5
• Kawasaki Ki 60 by HBM, £3, order no.87
• Kawasaki Ki 66 by VK, £4, order no.29
• Kayaba Ka1 Autogyro by HBM, £3, order no.25
• Kokusai Ki76 "Stella" by HBM, £3, order no.10
• Kyushu J7W1 "Shinden" by HBM, £3, order no.54
• Kyushu K11W "Shiragiku" by HBM, £4, order no.65
• Kyushu Q1W "Lorna" by HBM, £4, order no.18
• Mitsubishi "Sam" by HBM, £3, order no.28
• Mitsubishi "Nell" by HBM, £4, order no.73
• Mitsubishi A5M4 "Claude" by HBM, £3, order no.24
• Mitsubishi A6M "Zero 52" by HBM, £3, order no.68
• Mitsubishi A6M2 "Zero" by HBM, £3, order no.34
• Mitsubishi A6M3 "Hamp 32" by HBM, £3, order no.76
• Mitsubishi A6M5 "Zero" by HBM, £3, order no.35
• Mitsubishi F1M2 "Pete" by HBM, £4, order no.77
• Mitsubishi G3M "Nell" by HBM, £4, order no.21
• Mitsubishi G4M1 "Betty" by HBM, £5, order no.8
• Mitsubishi G4M1 "Betty 11" by HBM, £5, order no.71
• Mitsubishi G4M2 "Betty" by HBM, £5, order no.9
• Mitsubishi G4M2 "Betty 22" by HBM, £5, order no.72
• Mitsubishi J2M "Jack" by HBM, £3, order no.57
• Mitsubishi Ki109 "Peggy 4" by HBM, £4, order no.31
• Mitsubishi Ki15 1 "Babs" by HBM, £3, order no.56
• Mitsubishi Ki15 11 "Babs" by HBM, £3, order no.61
• Mitsubishi Ki21 "Sally" by HBM, £4, order no.32
• Mitsubishi Ki 21 1a "Sally 1" by HBM, £4, order no.82
• Mitsubishi Ki 21 11a "Sally 11" by HBM, £4, order no.83
• Mitsubishi Ki 21 11b "Sally 11" by HBM, £4, order no.84
• Mitsubishi Ki 30 "Ann" by HBM, £3, order no.37
• Mitsubishi Ki 4611 "Dinah" by VK, £4, order no.3
• Mitsubishi Ki 46111 "Dinah" by VK, £4, order no.4
• Mitsubishi Ki 51 "Sonia" by HBM, £3, order no.30
• Mitsubishi Ki 57 1 "Topsy 1" by HBM, £4, order no.80
• Mitsubishi Ki 57 11 "Topsy 11" by HBM, £4, order no.81
• Mitsubishi Ki 67 "Peggy" by HBM, £4, order no.11
• Mitsubishi Ki 7 "Topsy" by HBM, £4, order no.20
• Nakajima "Kikka" by HBM, £3, order no.62
• Nakajima "Tojo" by HBM, £3, order no.78
• Nakajima B5N2 "Kate" by HBM, £3, order no.48
• Nakajima B6N "Jill" by HBM, £3, order no.22
• Nakajima C6N "Myrt" by HBM, £3, order no.44
• Nakajima E8N "Dave" by HBM, £3, order no.63
• Nakajima G10N1 "Mt.Fuji" by HBM, £10, order no.85
• Nakajima G5N1 "Liz" by HBM, £9, order no.13
• Nakajima G8N "Rita" by HBM, £7, order no.12
• Nakajima J1N1-C "Irving" by HBM, £4, order no.14
• Nakajima J1N2-5 "Irving" by HBM, £4, order no.79
• Nakajima J5N1 "Tenrai", £3, order no.16
• Nakajima Ki 115 "Tsurugi" by HBM, £2, order no.53
• Nakajima Ki 27 "Nate" by VK, £3, order no.27
• Nakajima Ki 41 "Tony" by HBM, £3, order no.50
• Nakajima Ki 43 "Oscar" by HBM, £3, order no.40
• Nakajima Ki44 "Tojo" by HBM, £3, order no.42
• Nakajima Ki 49 "Helen" by VK, £4, order no.1
• Nakajima Ki 84 "Frank" by HBM, £3, order no.41
• Nakajima Ki 84 "Frank" by HBM, £3, order no.74
• Tachikawa Ki 36 "Ida", £3, order no.15
• Tachikawa Ki 54 "Hickory" by HBM, £4, order no.2
• Tachikawa Ki 74 "Patsy" by HBM, £5, order no.70
• Tachikawa Ki 77 by HBM, £6, order no.66
• Yokosuka "Cherry" by HBM, £9, order no.69
• Yokosuka D4Y2 "Judy 11" by HBM, £3, order no.46
• Yokosuka D4Y3 "Judy 33" by HBM, £3, order no.47
• Yokosuka E14Y "Glen" by HBM, £3, order no.86
• Yokosuka MXY7 "Okha" by HBM, £2, order no.58
• Yokosuka P1Y1 "Frances" by HBM, £4, order no.39



BAe Hawk T.Mk.1 … R.A.F. Red Arrows aerobatic team livery … £46.00
Hawk … R.A.F. all-black scheme … £46.00
Hawk Mk.100 … BAe Demonstrator "Lead in fighter" … £46.00
Hawk Mk.65 … Royal Saudi AF Green Falcons aerobatic team scheme … £46.00
Special offer £ 36.00*
Hawk …Saudi AF camouflage … £46.00
Hawk Mk.115 … NFTC Canada … £46.00
European Fighter Aircraft (EFA) … R.A.F. Air to Air weapons … £59.00
EFA … R.A.F. Ground attack weapons … £59.00
EFA … BAe Systems demonstrator, all-black … £59.00
Special offer £39.00*
EFA … Choice of Spanish, Italian or German Air Force markings … £59.00
EFA … Royal Saudi Air Force camouflage … £59.00
Mig-25 "Foxbat B" … Soviet Air Force "Red 53" … £73.00
Mig-25 … Libyan AF camouflage … £73.00
MiG-29 "Fulcrum" … Soviet Air Force green/grey camouflage … £59.00
Special offer £53.00*
Dassault Mirage 2000N-K1 …French Air Force grey/green camouflage … £59.00
Mirage 2000N-K2 … French AF Desert camouflage … £59.00
Special offer £49.00*
Mirage 2000 …French AF "Grim Reapers" … £59.00
Mirage 2000 … Qatar Air Force … £59.00
F-14 Tomcat … US Navy VX-4 "Black Bunnies" all-black scheme … £73.00
F-14 Tomcat … US Navy VF-102 squadron "The Diamondbacks" all-grey scheme … £73.00
F-14B Tomcat … US Navy VF-103 "Jolly Rogers" … £73.00
F-14D Tomcat … US Navy VF-31 "Tomcatters" … £73.00
F-14 Tomcat … Iranian Air Force, three-colour camouflage scheme … £73.00
F-15C Eagle … USAF two-tone grey, 390th FS, 366th FW "Wild Boars" … £73.00
F-15E Strike Eagle … USAF grey with underside stores, 48th FW, Lakenheath UK … £73.00
F-15A … Israeli AF grey "Twin tails" … £73.00
F-15I … Israeli AF, three-tone camouflage scheme, "Hammers" logo … £73.00
F-15J … Japan SDF, grey, 204th Hitokai … £73.00
Special offer £63.00*
F-15D … Japan SDF, green/grey camouflage "Aggressors" livery … £73.00
F-117 Nighthawk … USAF all-black stealth fighter-bomber 37th FW … £73.00
F-16 … USAF grey … £59.00
F-16 … Israeli AF camouflage … £59.00
F-16 … Egyptian AF camouflage … £59.00
F-111 … USAF grey, straight wing, wheels down … £73.00
F-111 … USAF grey, swept wing, wheels up, on stand … £73.00
Special offer £63.00*
F-111 … Royal Australian Air Force, grey, straight wing, wheels down … £73.00
F-111 … Royal Australian Air Force, grey, swept wing, wheels up, on stand … £73.00
F-111 … Royal Australian Air Force 3-colour camouflage, straight wing, wheels down … £73.00
F-111 … Royal Australian Air Force, 3-colour camouflage, swept wing, wheels up, on stand … £73.00
F-111 … USAF grey, straight wing, wheels down … £73.00
Special offer £63.00*
F-111 … USAF grey, swept wing, wheels up, on stand … £73.00
Special offer £63.00*
F/A-18 Super Hornet … VFA-122 "Fighting Eagles" USN grey, full underwing stores … £73.00
F/A-18 … VFA-14 "Tophatters", USN grey … £73.00
F-4J Phantom … VF-11 "Red Rippers" USN grey … £73.00
F-4J … VF-31 "Tomcatters" USN grey … £73.00
F-4 J … VF-103 "Sluggers" USN grey … £73.00
F-102A Delta Dagger … 179th FS, USAF grey … £73.00
F-102Av … 196th FS, USAF grey … £73.00
F-102A … 327th FS, USAF grey … £73.00
Sukhoi-35 … Soviet Air Force blue/grey camouflage … £73.00
Sukhoi S-37 Berkut (Golden Eagle) … 5th generation air superiority fighter, all-black scheme … £73.00
Panavia Tornado GR.Mk.1 … R.A.F, straight wing, grey, choice No. 9, 12, 29 or 43 Squadron … £73.00
Tornado … R.A.F. swept wing, grey, choice of No. 9, 12, 29 or 43 Squadron markings … £73.00
Tornado … R.A.F. No.617 Squadron, straight wing, camouflage … £73.00
Tornado … R.A.F. No. 617 Squadron, swept wing, camouflage … £73.00
* SPECIAL OFFERS - Limited availability only, whilst present stocks last!
Payment by personal cheque drawn on UK bank payable to "C.Sayer" or by Paypal please.
UK: Post free
Outside UK: add £3.00 per model
Orders to:
8 The Green,
Little Ellingham,
Norwich NR17 1LT
Tel: 01953 850216
There are some photos on the website



The ideal complement to those 1/200 scale aircraft models

My website offers a range of modern vehicles either locally produced by myself or sourced from Europe. Many of the sourced models, Trident, Hai & Mercator are now almost impossible to find and offer the ideal companion to any postwar military scene at 1/200 scale.
My own small range currently also concentrates on postwar vehicles with subjects currently not available from any other known range. The well-used Landrover 110, Nissan Patrol and Pinzgauer are the first in the range which I intend to expand as demand grows. I am also happy to discuss adding any specific models requested by other modellers, wargamers etc.
Please do not hesitate to contact me as detailed in the website or directly at
Richard Freeman


From Fred Hempsall …
Aerocrafts 1/200 castings with undercarriage

• Balliol
• BF 109 k
• Bf 109f
• Bf 109g
• Buffalo
• Chipmunk
• F9F Panther
• Fw190A
• FW190d
• Fw190F
• Harvard
• Hotspur
• Hunter F6
• Hunter T7
• Hurricane 2c
• Hurricane 2d
• Lightning F3
• Magister
• Meteor 14
• Meteor 4
• Meteor rb
• MeteorT7
• Mosquito BX
• Mosquito FBVI
• Mosquito FII
• P 40c
• P 51d
• P26
• P47c
• P47D
• P51b/c
• Rufe
• Sea Fury T
• Sea Fury
• T33
• Tempest 2
• Tempest 5
• Typhoon
• Vampire 3
• Vampire T11
• Venom FB4
In addition I have four different marks of Zero and Spitfires/Seafires from the prototype to the Seafire 47. From these I am pretty sure I can produce any Spitfire Mk other than perhaps the Mk12.
Others from various sources

• Anson
• Argosy
• B25c
• Beech 17
• Boston A20
• Brigand
• Comper Swift
• Courier
• DH84
• DH90
• Dove
• F3F
• F7F
• F82
• F8F
• Fantome
• Gemini
• Gnat
• He70
• Heron
• Heyford
• Invader
• A26
• Jaguar
• Ki27
• Lancaster
• NC4
• P61
• Proctor
• Stranraer
• Tiger Moth
• Valiant
• Vimy
• Vulcan
• Wellesley
• Whirlwind
• Wibault
I have small numbers of castings of all of the above - quantities between 2 and 6 of most, with a few in bigger numbers. I also have a fairly eclectic collection of others but only one of each. Additionally, I also have many of the earlier Aerocrafts jets without undercarriage. Having been superseded by the later ones, some did go into the melting pot but I have plenty left.
I am no longer producing finished aircraft on a regular basis, having 'moved on' to N gauge railway locomotive, ships, etc. but remain 'open to offers' if there is any interest.
Fred Hempsall





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